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Prioritize self-care amid pandemic crisis

Prioritize self-care amid pandemic crisis
It has been more than three months since we have lived our ‘normal lives’. Pandemic has indeed changed everything. The anxiety and stress have now heightened more than ever. But in such tough times, we must not forget to take care of ourselves. We all know the benefits and importance of self-care, and yet we choose not to engage in any type of self-compassion. We should always keep in our minds that if we do not do it for ourselves, then no one else will. We should consider self-care as a north star for our professional and personal well being. Healthy, meaningful relationships and care for others will only be facilitated if we first engage in self-care. When you think of self-care, then consider these following aspects, particularly in these times of crisis.
Physical care
This part of self-care includes our decisions and that we choose to eat healthy meals and snacks throughout our day. We have to develop a committed sleep routine in which no matter what, we definitely have to prioritize 6-7 hours of deep sleep every night for our body. We also need to ensure our regular engagement in movement throughout the week on a daily basis.
Psychological well being
Engage yourselves in mindful exercises in order to elevate your mind and hence also your body from ongoing stress, especially in such times of crisis. You just can not think of letting go of this aspect of self-care during these times. Also, try various meditation and breathing exercises to reduce stress and anxiety. Learn to establish your boundaries, recognize the importance of the need to have time for yourself in your schedule. Remember, that time is only for your own self so set aside responding to any kind of emails or answering any calls or texts. This not only helps you to connect with your body but your soul also.

Connect with your community
Self-care doesn’t only include you but the people around you as well. Keep your work at a side for some time and engage with your community which includes recognizing and embracing your connections. In these incredible moments of uncertainty and anxiety, scheduling time to encourage and uplift others along with your own self can help. In order to improve your mental well being and stability, connecting with those whom you have established important relationships can help in such times of crisis as it will protect against loneliness and will also help you fight through these times of isolation.
Engage yourself in daily gratitude
In order to increase positive emotions, engaging and practising daily gratitude can help, this also aids in improving physical and mental well being. In such overwhelming and challenging times, it helps you to strengthen relationships. It prepares us to face anxiety and adversity of crisis that has been thrust upon us.
Just, embrace the importance of self-care and also commit to periodize it in your daily schedule. Repeat this to yourself that you deserve nothing less. Simply commit to handling yourself with great self-care.

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Prioritize self-care amid pandemic crisis
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