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Here is how you can overcome procrastination

Starting from the basics, procrastination is derived from a Latin word ‘procrastinate’ which literally means, differed until tomorrow. It is a normal human tendency, that even if we know that it is in our best interest to act now, we still procrastinate it until tomorrow. This tendency of delaying needs to go. Like a lot of times, procrastination comes as a habit even when we don’t know about it. And as we all know, habits are just important to be aware of so that we can break free them for obvious reasons as otherwise, the consequences can be very difficult to bear.
According to research, when people were asked about what was their biggest regret at the time when they lost a loved one, procrastination and inaction topped the list. We know that this is bad, so why do we still do it? Research has answered this question, stating that procrastination is tied be easily distracted and having low self-confidence. Here are a few things you can do to avoid procrastinating from now.

Learn to face and tolerate some discomfort. When we are about to do a task, we usually feel bored or a sense of dread. While we can think of getting away from uncomfortable feelings by letting go of the task, but we must not do it for our comfort. As we might feel better for some time, but it will have its effects in the long term. As soon as you understand its importance and your uncomfortable becomes a priority, you will get rid of your stress it is causing.
Although it is possible that we might feel annoyed and stressed when we get down to work, it is totally in our hands to choose on our feeling. We always have the option to choose the emotion we want to focus on. We all have a desire from the work we are doing, no matter how small that desire is, we should focus on it instead of taking stress because of workload.

The best way to keep your procrastination in control is by cutting on your mind wandering and daydreaming. It is known that as much as two-thirds of the thoughts that come to our mind have nothing to do with the work which is in front of us. Research has proved that daydreaming can have an impact on your performance. It shifts your attention away, and hence you procrastinate. This may lead to being a fertile ground for even depression and anxiety. The only way to stop this is by focusing on the present moment and the task whatever you are doing.
The essence of procrastination has a feeling that tomorrow we will feel like doing it more. This feeling is known to be at the heart of all the procrastinators. One simple way to get rid of this feeling is to burst all such thoughts and act at the moment. When you act at the moment, then motivation will itself follow.
All this makes the essence of mindfulness and its essence of living.

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Here is how you can overcome procrastination
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