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New Dish: Special dish name covid curry and mask naan in Corona, idea of restaurant getting hit on social media

People had stopped going to the restaurant altogether due to fear of a Corona infection. Even after the unlock, people are scared, so there is no rush of customers. In order to entice customers, restaurant owners across the country are offering new offers, while some are moving ideas. Similarly, a special menu has been prepared in the name of Corona to attract customers to a restaurant in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. In this, covid curry and mask naan are being served in a different style as a delicious dish.

Getting praise on social media

The special thing is that when the dish is served, it is as if the corona virus is placed in the plate and is watching you. Actually, the chef of the restaurant put the kofta in the covid curry, making it look like a fictional picture of the corona virus. Apart from this, Naan has been given the form of a mask. This restaurant idea is getting a hit on social media. Users are reacting differently on the photos of this recipe. One has written that this can only happen in India, the other has written – My India is great. Another has written that if the corona is served in my plate, I will be scared.

The main attraction is the size of the koftas

The chef of Jodhpur’s Vedic multi-cuisine restaurant told that as a Covid curry, we have special Kofta. It is made from gourd, copra, spices and many other things. Since its size is its main attraction, it takes a lot of hard work to give it the appearance of corona virus. At the same time, to make the perfect combination with it, the normal naan has been given the shape of a mask, which makes this dish look different.

Chef’s creativity is special

Covid curry is actually a new version of Malai Kofta Curry. It is a pure vegetarian Jain restaurant. The curry is Rs 220, while there is a naan of Rs 40. The chef’s creativity is the main attraction in this recipe. Their business is becoming a big hit due to this dish.

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New Dish: Special dish name covid curry and mask naan in Corona, idea of restaurant getting hit on social media
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