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Tricolour Macaroons Recipe

Tricolour Macaroons Recipe

Republic Day is around the corner and what’s better than celebrating the day with some tricolour food sweet? Make these yummy macaroons and make the occasion even more special. They are super easy to make and will be prepared in just 30 minutes. You can also make these sweet delights for kitty parties, pot lucks and get togethers. So, make these colourful desserts and treat your friends and family with some delicious macaroons.


Step 1  Whisk Eggs And Sugar

First whisk egg white to peak consistency, add breakfast sugar slowly and whisk again.

Step 2  Separate Into Two Parts

Add almond powder and separate the mixture in two parts.

Step 3  Add Food Colourings

Add orange food colour to one part and green food colour to the other part.

Step 4  Fill Piping Bags

Fill both the mixtures into separate piping bags. Pipe on silpat sheet of about 2 inches diameter.

Step 5  Bake

Bake for 10-12 minutes, at around 150 degrees Celsius.

Step 6  Prepare White Chocolate Ganache

Make white chocolate ganache, add vanilla essence and icing sugar in it.

Step 7  Make Macaroons

Take two same coloured macaroons and pipe the white chocolate ganache filling and make a sandwich. Repeat the process and make colourful macaroons.

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Tricolour Macaroons Recipe
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