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These Watermelon Recipes will Relish Your Day!

Watermelon Sorbet 

This recipe will only take 20 minutes and and contains 241 calories in all!

Watermelon Sorbet is a Continental recipe which will leave your taste buds mesmerized. This easy-to-make delicacy is prepared using a handful of ingredients like ginger, lemon juice and mint leaves. Watermelon sorbet will be a treat for someone who loves watermelon. This dessert recipe is just perfect for special occasions like birthdays, kitty parties and game nights. Prepare this refreshing and delightful sorbet recipe at home for your loved ones and impress them with your amazing culinary skills. So, don’t hold any longer and make it now for a refreshing treat!

All you need is-

3 cup watermelon 

3 tablespoon sugar

1 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice 

10 mint leaves

1/2 teaspoon ginger


Start by deseeding and cutting watermelon into small chunks. Cut ginger into small pieces and add it in a blender jar along with watermelon chunks. Add sugar and mint leaves in jar. Blend the mixture until it becomes smooth. Ensure there are no chunks.

Add lemon juice in the jar and blend again to mix the ingredients well. Pour the smooth mixture in a tray, cover it with a plastic sheet and keep it in the freezer for some time.

Take it out from freezer when it is completely frozen. Add a scoop of watermelon sorbet in a serving bowl, garnish with mint leaves and serve it chilled.

Watermelon Jelly

This will only take 30 minutes to prepare and contains 140 calories only!

Jellies are very popular amongst kids and are loved by them. There are a variety of lip-smacking jellies and most of them are made of fruits. One such fruit jelly recipe is ‘Watermelon Jelly’ which will be a treat to your little ones. Made with the goodness of watermelon, gelatin, sugar and lemon juice this flavorful recipe will be a great summer recipe for your loved ones. Watermelon being a great hydrating source will help you remain calm during hot summer days. Serve this recipe as a dessert or as a snack; either ways it will leave all your guest impressed. Beat the summer heat with this delectable recipe and pair it up with a chilled glass of orange juice to dive into a world of refreshing flavors with your friends and family. 

All you need is-

8 cup watermelon 

3 cup water

1 cup sugar

4 tablespoon gelatin

4 tablespoon lemon juice 

1 teaspoon mint leaves 


Wash and cut watermelon on a chopping board. Take a wide based pan, add some fresh water followed by gelatin. Allow the mixture to rest until the gelatin gets complete soaked in the water.

Pour in some warm water in the gelatin mixture and mix until you completely dissolve the gelatin in the water mixture.

Combine sugar and stir the mixture till sugar dissolves in the mixture. Once done sieve the mixture and remove the unwanted part from the mixture.

Using a mixer jar, blend the chopped watermelon in a puree form and then transfer this watermelon puree to the gelatin mixture. Mix well. Transfer this mixture into a serving bowl and refrigerate it for a night or until you get a desired jelly texture. Garnish the jelly with mint leaves and serve in pieces.

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These Watermelon Recipes will Relish Your Day!
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