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Snacks We Definitely Miss!!

I try to reminisce my childhood my associating with myself with the things I love. As for you say, the little barbie dolls that used to make all of us mothers at a very early age or that hot wheels that used to being out the born racing talent in us. Those were the days.


We want our snacks back!

Bring us our 90’s snack 

Let’s try to recognize them and together we shall miss their coexistence.

Cadbury Bytes

What I would do to byte into these Cadbury filled parcels of heaven.

I remember munching them throughout the tv sessions and having my snack time before going down to play with friends. A snack that even turned to be my tiffin partner at school, through him I made more new friends.

Milk Treat

MilkyBar just doesn’t cut it. The only yummy and chocolaty chocolate that would make us go gaga over it and always seem to get finish before you even think of getting it another to get a good old snack taste for it.

Hippo Toasties

Toast that tasted like chips? BRING BACK!

These little creatures available in so many flavours with the most enduring taste severed upon us, don’t exist anymore and moreover, that delicious crispness of the toast touching your tongue through your mouth and that bite which gives you the exotic flavour. Just can’t express anymore!

Center Shock

The tanggyness it had, the flavours such as imli, Coca-Cola, rolling cherry, watermelon and many such, were always my go to thing for.

Gold Spot

Do you even remember this? School days with bunch of friends, canteen the only loving spot in the whole school, the comes this challenge who’ll drink it faster and how many? The crowd yelling your names. Drink up! Drink up! Drink up! And then there you go complete. Yeah, that’s our winner! It was not just a game it was our emotions entied with this drink.

Pepsi Blue

How will I ever trick my friends into thinking I’m drinking Harpic again?

I played this very same prank on my friends every time to scare then off and made them think they spilled the whole bottle of Harpic or had one just right now in their mouth. We need to rush to the hospital, as there might be some dangerous chemicals in it. Ahhh! Those moments of tensed faces in an around the room. Only you know the secret, rest all is a history! Bursting out into laughter you say this! The next second you’re on the ground beaten up by everyone.

Calcium Sandoz

These were technically “medicine” but you know you ate more than the daily requirement. You didn’t care it was tasty and all that mattered to you was it was in your mouth.

Tiny Dairy Milks

Recollecting this chocolate made me realise how badly I miss those days when it was someone’s birthday in school and all that person did was distribute this with coloured clothes on and close friends would get an extra set of it. Rest is with teachers distribution.

If there would be a petition to bring back these foods? Would you sign?

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Snacks We Definitely Miss!!
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