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Restaurant Review: Hole in The Wall Cafe in Bangalore!

“I love sleep because it’s like time machine to breakfast”

This random quote on the internet reminded me to search for a breakfast place in Bangalore. I remember passing through this place once and only the word “Hole” and the girl standing registered in my mind. Later, a friend of mine also recommended the same place. The hole in the wall cafe seems to have a popular breakfast reputation across Bangalore.

Happily me and my friend we settled to meet here. This place can be easily missed for people visiting the first time. Parking for two wheeler vehicles wouldn’t be a problem but the same is doubtful for car parking.

The whole place is made to look pretty with abstract thinking, the yellow bulbs, ice cream sticks painted red, the quirky pictures, the colorful tables and every other small detail. The menu is vast and more than spoiling one with choices it confuses people, especially for people like me who want to eat everything!

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MEATY Fries Anyone? 🤤🤤

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With great difficulty we settled for a Chicken 9 yards, a Farmers breakfast and a coffee. The food arrived within five minutes! Chicken 9 yards is a traditional american breakfast comprising of hash browns, chicken salami, chicken ham tossed with sauteed onions, jalapenos, capsicum and mushrooms. All this blanketed with sunny side up eggs and accompanied by two slices of brown bread.

The Farmer’s Breakfast is plate with divided portions of baked beans, mashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, a tomato stuffed with spinach and eggs sunny side up. I did not feel very adventurous so we asked them to fully cook the eggs. I absolutely loved my chicken 9 yards except for the higher presence of salt in one of the vegetables. It was a nice combination of vegetables, meat and egg! The whole dish looked very green.The Farmer’s breakfast was also a hit, the mushrooms and smashed potato was simply too good. There were no lumps in the smashed potato!

Lastly we asked for a cup of coffee, which arrived in less than a minute! It did not meet the Tamil Coffee Standards but yeah one can adjust with it.The whole place is very colourful and green. I loved sitting next to the plants, looking out at the street, though traffic starts to build up after 9 am, and eating good food.

The staff cleaned the plates immediately after a person left, they were very quick in doing that, but very quick that they cleared my plate while is was still eating! But, I, being the shameless prick who likes to polish off my plate asked him to put it back. The whole breakfast costed us INR 550 which was very nominal for us! A similar breakfast in Chennai would have costed me more than ₹1000!

I simply did not wanted to leave that place! I will definitely go back whenever I can!

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Restaurant Review: Hole in The Wall Cafe in Bangalore!
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