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So it’s our time today to let y’all know about a cafe in Bandra Kurla Complex ( BKC) and it’s very famous for the Mediterranean cuisine like Turkish based and middle eastern cuisine and not only that is a bit expensive but as it is said every good thing comes with a price. 

I would like to share my experience with you from BAYROUTE, the time I was there and till the time I was out. How it completely changed my taste for food and made me look beyond the junk of pasta and pizzas. I couldn’t believe that something like this could be tasty as well as healthy! I thought I was tricked by my friend but when suddenly the menu appeared in front of me, hoping to experiment and trying something, firstly we ordered hummus and pita bread, this was something I had never tried and was not even sure would I like the taste? Would it engage me like the other foods? There were so many questions running through my mind but I was willing to ignore them and finally when the food arrived all I was doing was looking at it, embracing it and then when the first morsel of that hummus with the soft as feather pita bread touched my mouth, I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. Just have a huge made me go gaga over my head then further more is worth the try! 

The second dish that we ordered was Turkish Khichdi. Well, if I am being honest then I don’t remember the exact name of the dish but you can name this. As a foodie, I am very peculiar about what I eat and not but when I had this it was by far the best khichdi I’d had. To compliment our food we ordered Rehan drink and avocado drink on the menu. Their Ambience survives on the vibe of Mediterranean and the courteous staff who were quite patient with us and our orders.  

Tabbouleh and Mutabbel were also very great dishes in my opinion. The place is so soothing and very great if you want to spend your Sunday brunch with your special one as it has the best kind of vibe and all the silence around the place, way too peaceful.

This is not the best part of the BAYROUTE, it’s the Baklava Cake that makes it special. The came is covered in three layers with a white and creamed polished on the inside of a bread type something but in a shape of a pastry and dry fruits on the inside and the rose petals above them. Water just came in my mouth. 

If you’re in the neighborhood definitely check this place out!

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