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Is Noida’s Bisrakh village Ravana’s birthplace?

If the locals’ claims are anything to go by, Ravana was born in this otherwise unheard village in Noida. The village, Bisrakh, is in the public eye for this secret that the villagers claim to be true. The same has been supported by some literary figures as well, authors of repute, and if the claims are to be trusted, this village in Noida is a place to explore in Delhi-NCR. 

The tale gets all the more interesting with the fact that the villagers here do not celebrate Dussehra, the day of Ravana’s death as per the epic Ramayana, with the usual fervour. Contrary to the celebrations that take place all over the country, the day and the nine days leading to it are a period of mourning in the village. The period is marked with the locals praying for the peace of Ravana’s soul and yagnas are also performed for the same. 

Bisrakh, a rather obscure village, lies in what is now known as Greater Noida. A thriving hub for real estate now, the village has its legend quite closely guarded. As per popular lore, Bisrakh derives its name from Vishravas, Ravana’s father. It is believed that the village is where Ravana spent his childhood days; it is also home to a number of ancient temples, some of these as old as some thousand years! 

One of these temples, commonly known as Ravana ka Mandir, houses a linga, which is believed to have been earthed by Ravana’s father. The locals worship the linga in its current form and believe that celebrating Ram Leela or Dussehra in the village will invite the wrath of Ravana. They simply keep the celebrations to buying new clothes and at minimal. So much so that even Diwali is not celebrated here with the ardour that sweeps over the nation. 

The village attracted much attention when the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) unearthed some relics, a cave and some coins here. The reclics and other findings were again linked to the legend of Ravana by the locals. 

While Bisrakh’s claim as Ravana’s birthplace is disputed, it surely calls for an interesting place to visit if you seek a discovery. 

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Is Noida’s Bisrakh village Ravana’s birthplace?
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