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Cafes in Paris that’ll blow your mind off!

If you are looking for the prettiest cafes in Paris, you have come to the right place! Paris is home to some of the prettiest cafes on earth so you are in for a real treat. The magic of Paris lies in wandering the cobble-stoned streets and discovering cute spot after cute spot to relax, have a drink, and enjoy the people walking by. No real plans and no real things to see, just good old-fashioned cafes in Paris. Whether you are looking for cafes in Paris for photography, for an authentic bite to eat, or for a morning cup of coffee, there is something for everyone! 


Odette is tea and cakes shop and is located in the Latin Quarter of Paris. For us, it is one of the best cafes in Paris because of its location and style and just how pretty it is! While it is quite small, it is filled with plenty of charm and is located on one of the prettiest cafe in Paris. This is one of the cafes in Paris that is located in the main tourist area but most people never even think to come here! It is located just off the island where Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle are located on a random side street that you would honestly never really come across unless you were looking for it! It is also named after the owners Grandma who was also named Odette! The specialty you should try here is Choux Pastries!

Deli- Cieux

Deli-Cieux is easily the Paris cafe with the best views! While most cafes in Paris are situated on ground level, Deli-Cieux is located high above the city. It is located on the top floor of the Printemps department store in the 9th district. When you arrive at the store, make sure to tell the doorman that you want to visit Deli-Cieux or the Printemps rooftop terrace and he will provide you with instructions on the correct elevator/lift to take in order to reach this fantastic spot! The rooftop terrace at the Printemps department store is home to both a bar and one of the best cafes in Paris. You can have a drink of coffee or tea or even something stronger if you like! You can also have something to eat as there are plenty of options and the views are incredible. If you want to grab your drink and stand outside, you can stand on the upper level with ease. If you want to sit down, you must arrive at this Paris cafe a bit earlier so you can wait in line as the chairs and tables outdoors are in high demand. The wait isn’t too bad and you won’t regret it!

Cafe de Flore

Café de Flore is one of the oldest cafes in Paris and it is frequented by locals and celebrities alike! Flore means flowers in French and yes, you guessed it, Café de Flore is surrounded by flowers on its awning! Along with being one of the oldest cafes in Paris, it is also one of the prettiest due to the flowers! Café de Flore has remained unchanged since World War 2 and you can feel its old world charm when you slip into one of the red booths or sit outdoors along the sidewalk. Hemingway himself frequented this spot for delicious coffee along with many other famous historical people. Our tip? Since this cafe in Paris is so famous that means it is more expensive than other Paris cafe options too. If you want to visit Café de Flore but want to save money, simply go for breakfast instead! It is so good and you can still experience all that it has to offer. Even better? Just grab a drink to save money! 

Au Vieux Paris d’ Arcole

Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole is one of the prettiest cafes in Paris all year round, but it comes alive during the spring and summer! This is when Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole is covered in tons and tons of perfectly purple wisteria. It only happens for a few weeks during the spring, but it makes Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole easily one of the prettiest cafes in Paris.

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Cafes in Paris that’ll blow your mind off!
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