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Rafale Fighter Jets: Five Rafale left for India from France, aircraft to reach Ambala airbase on July 29

New Delhi, ANI. Rafael, the world’s most powerful fighter aircraft, will reach India on 29 July between China and Tanatani in eastern Ladakh. 5 Rafale fighter jets have flown to India from the French airbase. Indian Air Force fighter pilots will reach Ambala airbase on Wednesday after covering an air distance of 7000 km. The current strength of the Indian Air Force will be greatly enhanced by Rafale as China and Pakistan do not have the combat capability of this fifth generation fighter jet.

These planes departing from France will be flown to an airbase in the United Arab Emirates and fueled by French tanker aircraft. After this, the aircraft will travel further to Ambala Airbase. Rafale planes from France are carrying 17 Golden Arrows commanding officer pilots. All pilots have been trained by the French Dassault Aviation Company. He will be inducted into the Air Force on 29 July at the Air Force Station in Ambala.

Rafale changes according to India

The aircraft were supposed to be delivered to India earlier in May, but due to Corona they were delayed by two months. India has six jets to meet in the first batch of Rafale planes. The first Rafale aircraft was delivered to India in October 2019. India has also made some changes in the Rafale as per its requirement. It has Israeli helmet mount displays as well as many other features including radar warning receiver, low band jammer, ten-hour flight data recording and tracking system.

Capable of hitting the ground with air

In order to increase the firepower of Rafale aircraft coming to India, preparations are being made to put a French-made Hammer missile in it. This missile is capable of destroying even the strongest targets at a distance of 60 to 70 km. Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range (Hammer) is a medium to air missile range missile. This missile was initially built for the French Air Force and Navy. With this missile, the Indian Air Force can precisely target enemy bunkers. The Scalp and Meteor missiles used in Rafale planes have already reached India.

Rafale will be from RB series

The telephone numbers of Rafale’s trainer planes will be of the RB series in honor of Air Force Chief RKS Bhadauria. Bhadoria has played an important role in this deal of 36 fighter Rafale aircraft. India had signed a deal with France in 2016 for 60 thousand crores rupees. This is the largest defense deal ever. The current Air Force Chief RKS Bhadoria was then the Deputy Chief of Army Staff and he led the Indian contingent in the deal.

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Rafale Fighter Jets: Five Rafale left for India from France, aircraft to reach Ambala airbase on July 29
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