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Pets and Mental Health

The bond between humans and animals is so powerful that the healthy relations of animals
and mental health is undeniable and it is undeniably true that every person having pet in their
home consider them to be a part of their family or like their babies. Irrespective of how old we
are, all children, adults and elders love pets. It is really hard to put it in words that a pet can bring
immense joy in someone’s life. We might be the one who take care of our pets but they support
and care for us in every unspoken way. Every kind of pet provides companionship and
unconditional love. The bond we share with pets can have a very beautiful effect on our life.
Over the period of time scientist have discovered a lot about the connection between pets
and mental health. Animal therapy programs have been important part of mental health treatment and related research. The most common animal good for mental health are dogs. People have xperienced a lot of pet therapy benefits.

Pets also acts as motivators for people, for example dogs encourage their owners to get up and walk or exercise which is extremely helpful for people suffering from depression and other mental health conditions. Pet therapy relaxes your mind and makes you feel better. Having a pet makes you feel valuable.

Going on a walk with dog can give mostly leads to conversations with other dog owners and
makes you socially connected and we all know people who are more socially active are tend to
be mentally healthier. A pet give us a sense of security and makes us feel that we have someone
to share the day with. For people living alone pets are extremely valuable. Pets can also help you
release stress as they make you feel loved and many researchers have shown that having pets can minimize your problem of anxieties. Taking charge of all the activities in taking care of a pet
from feeding, bathing and cleaning them, and taking them for walk helps us to be more
responsible. Playing with a pet helps us utilize our energy and lets the blood flow properly in our

Pets help to increase our self esteem and well being. They make us more conscientious and
less preoccupied. Having a pet makes us more extroverted and less fearful. Pets don’t worry
about what happened yesterday like us humans and they also don’t worry about what might
happen tomorrow. So, they make us more mindful. In a research by Michigan University in
2015, many participants revealed that they didn’t commit suicide because of the thoughts that
what would their pet do without them. Pet care also promotes self-care which should be a part of
everyone’s life and we all know they love us unconditionally no matter what. Pets, especially
dogs are well known for their loyalty to their owner. So, if you live alone, need a good company
and lot of love, go for a pet. It can be a dog, rabbit, guinea pig, cat, etc.

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Pets and Mental Health
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