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Laughter is indeed the best medicine

“With the fearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh I should die.”ABRAHAM LINCOLN

Happiness doesn’t mean a life without worries and challenges. Happiness is the sense of
fulfillment and purpose that one feels when he or she bravely and boldly encounters sufferings. It
is the upliftment of the spirit as if an airplane taking lift from the air resistance against its wings.
Technically laughing can be defined as successive, rhythmic, spasmodic, and expiration
with open glottis and vibration of the vocal cords. We used to laugh hundred times a day when
we were children but as we grew up life tends to be more serious but with chances to make
humor and laughter, we can improve the quality of life and can add years to our life. Laughter
helps us in toleration to discomfort. Laughter tends to releases anxiety and depressive thoughts.
Laughter helps us feel good and it keeps us in high life condition even if we stop laughing. It
helps to stimulate positivity in difficult times. You would feel astonished to know that laughing
can help you burn out calories too as it is a mode of exercise. When we inhale oxygen it
stimulates the heart. There are pain relieving neuro-chemicals in the body known as endorphins
(morphine like compound) which helps us to be in happy mood and helps in releasing stress and
eventually enhances our mood. Laughing also helps in lowering down one’s blood pressure and
yes with no side effects.

The best feeling in the world that brings enlightenment in life is laughter. A smile or a good
giggle, it makes us and our surroundings feel good and positive. Nothing in this world is more
valuable than a good laughter to create mind and body balance. Laughing and cracking jokes also
helps you connect with people and open up yourself. Laughter helps in enhancing physical as
well as emotional health, and it also helps making your relationships better. Laughter increases
the immune cells in our body and decreases the stress hormones. It also helps promoting the
creation of infection fighting anti bodies so it also helps us fighting diseases. Therefore, it boosts
immunity system also. We all know laughing increase the blood in our body and in the blood
vessels too. Laughter also helps us to solve anger issues and temper tantrums as looking at the
funny side of the situation puts the problem into perspective and enables you to move on from
confrontations without holding onto bitterness. Here are some ways which will improve your
laughter and happiness:

  1. Laugh at yourself while sharing your embarrassing moments.
  2. Spend time with funny and playful people because these are the people who will laugh
    easily at themselves and at every adversity of life.
  3. Bringing humor in your conversations will help you a lot to get a dose of laughter.
  4. Keep things in humorous perspective will help as a lot of things are beyond control, so
    try to make best of every situation and keep a positive mindset.
  5. Have reminders, keep a toy near you or put up a funny poster read memes set funny
    wallpaper on your phone and laptop. Go to some stand-up comedy shows to enjoy some
    laughter sessions.
  6. Become a kid and this will always help you to re-live your life like a kid who laughs for
    no reason.
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Laughter is indeed the best medicine
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