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Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

Our mind and brain are directly linked to our body. Whatever goes on in our mind is projected on
our body. Everything taking place in our body is done on command of our mind. Such commands are processed in stages. At every stage alterations also takes place and at final the body acts as the mind wants. In addition to this our body also affects our mind and brain. There is large network of neurons spread inside our body. These neurons receive information from body and send it to brain. On receiving information by brain, it sends further orders to the other organs resulting in their response. Therefore, in order to have a healthy mind we must have a healthy body and vice versa. The more we work on our body, the more work is done by our brain. This is how the physical world meets mental realm. The ore we move our body the more powerful pour mind becomes. It keeps the entire biological and psychological phenomenon connected to each other. The physical and mental rejuvenation takes place together. This is how we relax our body and gives peace to our mid. Hence, the roman saying, “healthy mind in a healthy body” fits appropriate.

The healthy and positive functioning of mind is crucial and beneficial. As a healthy body is able to
do more physical work or efforts, a healthy mind is also able to put more efforts for mental work. As the toxins degrade the body function, they are also harmful for our mental health. It constantly sends signals of stress generated by the body. A mind with toxins affects our functioning. We become fatigued, negative and restless, hence making our brain and mind less efficient. Whereas, when theses toxins are removed from brain system, the efficiency of mind uplifts. As a result of this mind also become less fatigues. Our mid becomes sharper and smarter and efficiently handles the stress and problems. It becomes more creative and productive through such conjoined exercise. A healthy mind, therefore, improves the cognitive functioning also.
For a healthy mind and healthy body, a good sleep is necessary. Adequate sleep of seven to eight
hours a day tends to repairs our body and sooth our mind. A tired body sends message to brain to take some rest to eliminate the stress. If adequate rest is not taken by a person it disturbs our mind as well. Hence, this is a clear sign that a harmonious brain-behaviour relationship do exists and is necessary for our healthy functioning.
Some ideas for a healthy and harmonious brain-behaviour relationship:

  1. Take up stress relieving activities like physical exercise, yoga, meditation.
  2. Take a positive charge in your social circle. Open up about things that bother you to ventilate
    your stress.
  3. Take adequate sleep of seven to eight hours daily to enhance your physical and mental
  4. Have healthy and balanced diet which include a good portion of carbohydrates, fiber, protein,
    fats, minerals, vitamins, and water too.
  5. Happiness is a medicine for all problems, so laugh as hard as you can.
  6. Motivate yourself regularly to achieve you daily and life goals.
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Healthy Body and Healthy Mind
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