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Handling rejection at workplace

Rejection, we all have faced it at some point in our life. It is a parcel of life, whether we have
faced it in a relationship or at our workplace. If we talk about workplace, we all desire to have a
project or to be at a position or to get appraised for our dedication towards our works that is
important to us but we get refusal, or more precisely rejection. We attach negative meaning to
this word. Have you ever thought that rejection could be a new beginning? No, because everyone
is so busy with pain of it that they don’t even want to look something else and a time comes
when we label ourselves as losers. There is urgent need to break such wall to be a happy and
fully functioning personality. Rejection is not always bad. It can occur in work-life. Common
rejections at workplace may include not getting a desired project, not being promoted, losing a
sales opportunity, getting less salary than the expected amount and a senior manager choosing
your colleague over you. We all have been through this. Rejection is painful but we must
understand and handle it gracefully. Let the rejection be an opportunity for you. It boosts up your
motivation, efforts and self confidence. And the crucial benefit it, it makes you wiser.

We feel retaliation or asking reason for our rejection is the best way at the moment to deal
loss associated to rejection but it can harm us more than giving any benefit. Our seniors and
colleagues at workplace would see and label such behaviour as complete unethical and
unprofessional. It gives negative impression that you are not able to cope up with work pressure.
It will hinder in your career and professional growth. The best solution to such refusal or
rejection is processing your emotions. Accept and embrace your emotions. Take deep breaths.
Calm and relax yourself. Give yourself some time. Rather than diving into the plunge of
negativity, look at the brighter side of situation.

As every cloud has silver lining, every rejection also has a good side. It gives you
opportunity to step back and reflect on where things went wrong. Assess your strength and
weakness so that next time when such situation arises you will be in better position to handle it
effectively with a better approach. There is learning hidden inside rejection. Take a pause and
assess your behaviour and actions that led to rejection. There is a possibility of completely
different viewpoint of another person for rejection and it is also possible that the rejection was
unintentional. So don’t let your emotions guide your judgment and decision making. Be honest
while dealing with this issue.

Getting feedback is an appropriate and best way to check where things went wrong. Discuss
it with your team member, human resource manager or boss. Try to get view of the other side.
Seek advantage of constructive criticism. Take negative feedback constructively and positively.
Don’t defend or argue, rather take actions that support development.

Don’t let your rejection destroy you. Get up, look ahead, work hard and reach to the highest
level of success.

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Handling rejection at workplace
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