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Flexibility amidst Crisis

Since the past six months of 2020 we have been receiving recommendations to be safe,
healthy and protected in the middle of SARS corona virus pandemic. We are getting lists of dos
and don’ts every day. Sometimes it feels that we are bombarded it or like we are in pool of
information. This pool of information ranges from children to elderly, anxiety for the employed
and job seekers, and health organizations. The 24×7 flashing of corona virus and patient related
news are not less than horror provoking monsters. Washing hands for at least twenty minutes
with soap and water, refraining from travelling, social distancing, getting or using durable and
non-perishable food, use of face mask to protect nose and mouth, and keeping a bottle of
sanitizer. All such guidelines are signaling towards the global spread and alarming condition of
this disease. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) SARS corona virus disease has
been declared a pandemic. A pandemic is a worldwide medical emergency crossing international
borders and affecting large number of people generated due to large deadly virus. A pandemic
has high severity causing a disaster to the population immunity.

We can label this pandemic as a manmade disaster as it started due to human consumption of
exotic animal species like bats transmission of corona virus from animals to humans. However, if
we expand our horizon we will get to know that emergency preparedness was completely
overlooked. Emergency preparedness not only includes having sufficient medical supplies but
also psychological preparedness too. Too much information is causing mental health issues like
anxiety, difficulty to concentrate, depressive state of mind, etc. as the numer of cases are
doubling day-by-day, and it is crystal clear that psychological preparedness is something that we
all need. Psychological preparedness is the skill that we often call flexibility.
Psychological preparedness or flexibility is the ability to make shifts in our actions and
perspective when we encounter an unexpected event. Such skills or skill set helps us to adapt the
situation during difficult and stressful time without becoming overwhelming for longer period of
time. We are well aware of such skill sets when we have to deal with last minute changes in our
schedule, reprioritizing during life transitions, etc. Such global lockdown urges us to think and
act flexibly. Mental flexibility during pandemic is skill and need of hour to have far sighted
vision for a substitute to refrain from falling into deep despair and anxiety. Now we have to deal
with the new normal and have to shed off notion of life as usual. Our daily actions an expectations are changing. A new norm of work from home has now entered in our professional
lives. Taking off from work and staying at home for some days was refreshing earlier. Nut now
staying at home for weeks and months is completely a new story. It is making work flexible and
giving us opportunity to b with family and friends to endure togetherness. Flexibility I like other social and emotional competencies which can be improved through practice. We can even now inculcate this in ourselves and our families as we are at home and travelling less. This is a good time to start and harness it. It will not only helps us to deal with pandemic generated anxiety and mental health issues but also helps us to deal with our long term goals and distractions. We should utilize this time by trying out things in different manner to practice psychological preparedness. We should allow ourselves consciously to become flexible.

It will also enhance our executive functioning which includes our mental processes like thinking,
memory, attention, sensation, perception, met cognition decision making and problem solving. It
can be done through indulging i activities like yoga, mindfulness, aerobics, relaxation, etc. It will
shape our creativity and divergent thinking making us more psychologically evolved person.

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Flexibility amidst Crisis
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