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Etiquettes you need to keep in mind when you are visiting someone during this pandemic

At such a time when just one social misstep could get someone sick and could also put them in great trouble, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while you go out for any kind of meeting in this new normal. While there may have lifted in many places but it is not to forget that the risk of COVID 19 still looms large. And at the same time, many of us are now weary and tired of social distancing and are now just eager to only see our loved ones when months have passed in quarantine. But the changing nature of the virus is a thing to worry as we are still unsure about how to proceed. Along with all of this, we are being bombarded with the new information about this on a daily basis, and we are not sure of what to do.
So how is it possible to maintain etiquette? Which also includes in making the other person comfortable during such unprecedented times. Given our health situation right now, everything has just taken a backseat, and health and safety have come on the forefront. Here, we provide you with a few guidelines which will help you navigate socializing in these times.
Everyone’s comfort level is quite different from one another right now. If you don’t think that it is not yet the right time to go out then just open up about it. Tell people that you are not comfortable in socializing at the moment if you are not confident enough that everyone else is following the guidelines religiously or not.

Even if you start socializing after taking all the necessary precautions, then also make sure to keep your group small. As it is safer to see the same friends, who you are confident enough that they are wearing masks, washing hands regularly and are maintaining social distancing. Having a meal with a different group every night can create a problem. It is impossible to maintain a social distance and be sure of your health when you are around a big group of people.
Remember, that gone are the days of communal dips. Make sure that you are not invading anyone’s space whatsoever. Do not eat on a communal plate; when you are out, make sure everyone has their own plate of snacks.
There should be enough distance between each one of you when you decide to take your mask off. It really gives a personal comfort when you put a mask on while someone is talking to you. And if you find someone getting closer than what is suggested then don’t hesitate to mention it as you cannot risk your health at this point in time.
After not seeing your friends and family for months in person, it will be tempting more than ever for you to hug them, but refrain! For your own safety and theirs too. Resisting the urge to make human contact is difficult but look it as if you got no other choice. People have to understand that this is not the time for close public contact.
The only thing which comes to our rescue is our ability to maintain resilience.

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Etiquettes you need to keep in mind when you are visiting someone during this pandemic
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