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Being more positive than we think

So, how do you feel about 2020? No doubt, it is not less than a spoiler attack or a monster. Nobody had this idea that SARS COVID-19 pandemic will cause so much worldwide loss and recession of global economy. People who are working from home are in fear of being laid off. People have fear of becoming sick due to corona virus and staying away from their families. We all are living in apprehensions. But some of us are more resilient than us. You may feel surprised at yourself that you are and you have adapted so well when the whole world has gone mad over this pandemic.

A survey named “A Portrait of This Moment” was conducted by The Art of Doing to find out how
did people reacted, responded and adapted to the situation or life in this pandemic. It was done on a diverse group consists of age group of eighteen to eighty-five. It included questions such as what thing gave them pleasure, what was their coping strategy what was the hardest thing for you. It was done on people from different socioeconomic status, people who were laid off, people in essential work group, people working from home, high school students pursuing education in distance mode. It was done to get knowledge of their personal experience with pandemic. It was expected that participants will report about anxiety, frustration and their sufferings. Although people were worried about their job, health and safety, results were astonishing. Results were full of positivity and hope.

Some people may find this untrue but we are more powerful and positive than we think. It seems
difficult to have positive outlook and high life condition during bad times. We feel we won’t be able to afford positive thinking and we feel we are doomed. However, positivity is a survival mechanism.

According to Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection and survival of fittest, we are in constant
struggle with our environmental demands. How we adapt our environment determines our survival. It all depends on our personality and situations that we have different coping strategies. Each of us operates differently but our aim is similar – overcoming bad situation and transforming it into good one.

There are three core components of coping strategy were found to be overpowering negativity, gratitude and taking action. The first component is not being negative. It seems blunt but this is direct and simple. When we look at the brighter side of situation, it becomes easy to look at the opportunities for solution. Frame your negativity into positive thinking. We should refuse to bogged down and give up to problems.Seek your inner resources to overcome your problems and keep pressing forward. Second, gratitude has immense power to be always happy. We should look upon what we have because some of us don’t even have this. It strengthens our power to win and obstacle. It motivates us to move forward without begrudging. One should feel grateful for being alive, with our family, to have a new day which is full of new opportunities to transform our challenges into our great victories. Last but not the least, our conduct reflects our will and faith to overcome the problem. Action is a choice. You become what you do. Rather
than being passive or dependent on others one must take actions to deal wisely with the problems. Do something productive which adds meaning and values to your life. When you determine to win over your challenges you win over yourself.

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Being more positive than we think
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