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Advisories for your post quarantine air travel

With talk of airports and other countries opening for tourists, it looks like we may be able to travel again, but not forgetting that should be in place. Is such a post-COVID 19 scenario it is very much crucial to stay informed and also to take all the measures in order to stay safe. However, the risk of catching the virus on an aeroplane is quite low. The risk of infections comes on the plain from catching the virus directly from a person so, there are a few things you must keep in mind for your next air travel experience.

Pack the “new” travel essentials
As a general rule, there are a few things that you must carry with you at all times, especially while travelling. And this list should include, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60 per cent of alcohol in it, disinfect wipes and tissues along with a face mask. These are the items that will help you in maintaining a certain level of hygiene and also in preventing contact with disease-causing respiratory enzymes.
Be mindful about your touch.
By now, you must be knowing that the novel coronavirus is spreading at quite an accelerating rate. This information comes with a heightened sense of caution. So it is important to act mindfully when we are using devices and touching any surfaces that are public, and you know that others have used it too. Here we are talking about machines which include, ATM’s, Check-in machines, escalators and like so. Be careful about not touching any of these surfaces, and whenever you have to do so, then use a generous amount of your hand sanitizer. Similarly, be mindful also be careful of your items such as wallets or mobile phones and wiping such items down a couple of times in a day with will help.
Minimize human contact as much as possible
Whenever and wherever it is possible, just try to rely on energy and automation. Try to pay using contactless options. And keep 6 feet mandatory distance with the staff as well.

Wipe down your seat and surroundings
While taking your seat, take out your disinfectant wipes and wipe all the surfaces around your seat with them. Make sure after wiping everything, including your armrest, your tray table, the back and the front of your seat you give your disinfect sometime so that it can work properly.
Along with all this, always keep in mind that, coronavirus will not directly infect you from any of the hard or soft surfaces. It is only when you touch the infected surfaces and then your touch your face or nose that you get infected. So using tissues to avoid direct contact with surfaces at such places is a good idea, and then you can dispose of the tissue safely when you are done.

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Advisories for your post quarantine air travel
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