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A beginner’s guide to intermittent fasting

A recent health trend which has paced now is intermittent fasting. It has claimed to cause weight loss, improve metabolic health, and perhaps even helps in extending the life span. It is basically the method of eating pattern which is between the time of two meals we take. There are several methods of this pattern, and every method has proved beneficial and effective. But, in order to figure out as to which one works best totally depends on the particular individual.
Here are some popular ways of intermittent fasting

The 16/8 Method

This method involves fasting on a regular basis for 14-16 hours and schedules your meals in the restricted 8-10 hours. The duration of fast can likely be increased and decreased in accordance with a person’s body type. Within the eating window, you can fit two, three or more meals. Basically, this method of fasting requires you not to eat anything after you have your dinner, and then you skip breakfast the next morning. In order to reduce your feelings of hunger, you can have 0 calorie drinks like black coffee, or lime water in between. This is best suited for the breakfast skippers.

The 5:2 Diet

This type of Diet involves eating quite normally for five days of the week, and while you have restricted your total calorie intake to mere 500-600 calories for the remaining two days. You choose any two days in the week for this fasting where you are having just two small meals of 250 calories each throughout the day.

Alternate Day Fasting

As the name suggests, in this kind of fasting, you basically fast on every other day of the week. The full fast and just 0 calorie drinks can seem extreme for beginners, and hence they can choose to have 500 calories on their fasting days. As in this method, you probably go quite hungry to bed several times in a week and hence it is not considered sustainable for the long run.

The Warrior Diet

This particular fasting type is popularized by well-known fitness expert Ori Hofmekler. It basically requires you to small chunks of fruits and vegetables during the day and then one whole meal at the night time. So, in this way you fast in day and feast at night wherein you get a complete four-hour eating window.

Eat Stop Eat

This method involves a complete 24 hour of fast, once or twice in a week, by fasting on just lukewarm 0 calorie beverages from dinner one day the dinner the next day. No solid foods or beverages which contain calories are permitted during the fasting window. If 24 hours of fasting looks difficult, then you can start from anywhere around 16-18 hours and then gradually move upwards.
One of the most important aspects of intermittent fasting is that you have to normally eat in the eating window and do not have to overfeed yourself as that will just kill the purpose.

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A beginner’s guide to intermittent fasting
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