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Its 2020 can we stop living in binaries? The ultimate DOG VS CAT debate

This goes without saying that both cats and dogs make excellent companions for their reasons. In contrast, on the one hand, cats are said to be low key and low maintenance, dogs are active and adoring, and it is entirely a personal choice about which fur friend a person would like to have, especially in the times of stress and uncertainty.
Even after so many debates around this, the question remains that who makes a better companion? The goofy and loyal dog or the unpredictable yet loving cat. Affection from a pet comes to you when you least expect it, and that’s the beauty of being a pet parent. Its very simple yet it is an age-old discussion if you prefer a cat adopt one and if you prefer a dog then go for a dog as both dogs and cats are lovely creatures in their rights.
From decades the world is divided into cat people and dog people, and the funny yet the serious part is that this fact may strain or even end up breaking of relationships. The debate between cats and dogs is such that it is likely to continue until the end of the time. Today in such tough times where we are forcefully stuck at a place the companionship of these furry friends can prove to be of great comfort.

In the wild, dogs belong to such packs in which each member help to find food which makes them social, friendly and all too happy. By contrast, cats are considered to be lone hunters, and due to this reason, there is no need for them to work together to take care of themselves. And hence, cats are much more independent than dogs. But this independent nature comes to help when left alone and they deal with better than dogs.
Not only the personality traits of these two pets are different, but it is noticed that both cat parents and dog parents are usually of different attitudes. At the same time, cat parents are seen to be self-contained and introverted, whereas dog parents tend to be socially interactive and open to all the new experiences.

Even the factors like breed, genetic or animal history play a part in deciding whether your pet will be sociable and friendly or not. As they are also individuals within their own species and therefore many of generalities might not apply to individual pets.
Before making the final choice make sure you know that dogs will likely require quite a bit of your time and attention whereas cats will manage all by themselves. But it is often noticed that it is not the species that you make your mind for, but the animal you form a connection with.
Whether you are on the side of cat or you are on the side of the dog, and no matter what you choose to adopt, with enough love and affection, you will surely find a forever friend.

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Its 2020 can we stop living in binaries? The ultimate DOG VS CAT debate
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